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manoj 05/17/2007 05:21 pm
dear oleg,
thanks for helping me to download from it was a there is a new prob.i want to download from book called Concise Pathology by Parakrama Chandrasoma and Clive R. Taylor 3rd Edition.this happens to be in the below link

and to access


the important thing is that i just want this book alone....none of the other contents in the website.plz dont think i am lazy to check out the other posts...i do check.thats where i found that accessmedicine needs special settings or configuration to have a successful i am a newbie....& most of the things in the other posts were way beyond my ability to plz explain me in detail to have the correct configuration or settings to download the book successfully.thanks


Oleg Chernavin 05/18/2007 08:17 am
There were posts about this site. Please see if they will help you.

manoj 05/20/2007 03:35 am
Dear Oleg,
i did check the other posts.....was not helpful.plz give me the exact settings to have a proper download.i want only that one book...and none of the others.
Oleg Chernavin 05/20/2007 07:25 pm
Logon the site in the Internal Browser, create a new Project with that URL, Level=1, URL Filters - Filename - Custom - add


to the Included list.

manoj 05/22/2007 06:03 pm
dear Oleg,
thanks for your advice,i was able to download from only the text part was downloaded & none of the images were downloaded.i followed all your instructions.seems that on clicking the links while browsing through the IE 7....the images open in a seperate window as popups.just to let you know,the link for the images in IE 7 looks something like this....


plz help me out to download both the text as well as images.thanks again for your patience and help

Oleg Chernavin 05/23/2007 08:53 am
OK. Add popup.aspx to that list as well.

manoj 05/23/2007 01:07 pm
dear Oleg,
i did as you success,i just could not get the images.the text part is downloaded perfectly.its just the images,which open in a seperate popup like window while browsing the site with IE 7,i am unable to get.please help me out here.thanks

Oleg Chernavin 05/23/2007 01:31 pm
Are there popup.aspx.... files in the Project Map - would they browse correctly?

manoj 05/24/2007 06:09 pm
Dear Oleg,
yes there were no "popup.aspx." in the project files....and yes i could not browse the images correctly in the internal browser.when i click on the images through my internal browser in offline explorer,images are opening in a new window in IE can login with the above username and password and try.plz help me find a solution for this.thanks

manoj 05/24/2007 06:13 pm
And one more think,once i click on the image and it open in seperate IE 7 window,the window closes immediately and at the same time i am automatically logged out in my internal browser

Oleg Chernavin 05/25/2007 05:33 am
Yes, you need to download these popup windows first with Offline Explorer. And then you can view them from the Project Map. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is better than nothing.

manoj 05/25/2007 07:18 am
Dear Oleg,
ok you mean to say that i need to download the images which open as seperate popups first,so that i can browse them and download the project later.plz explain.bit confused.

Oleg Chernavin 05/25/2007 07:37 am
You need to ad popup.aspx to the Project settings as I suggested above and download the Project. The images will be available via the Project Map.

manoj 05/25/2007 02:41 pm
dear Oleg,
i did exactly as you had success.i just could not download popup pages which have following url



the first one is the link to view images and the second one is to view these images enlarged.i want this book.pls help

Oleg Chernavin 05/25/2007 03:00 pm
Which version do you use? My 4.7 version loaded these links correctly.

manoj 05/25/2007 03:02 pm
Dear Oleg,
one more thing i noticed is that,in the download progress bar below...where the % download of each file/url is indicated,the above url which i mentioned appear as connecting to host www.accessmed...... and delay 1 on.but unlike other pages which are downloaded....these pages with the above mentioned urls....just dont seem to download.....they are skipped.

Oleg Chernavin 05/25/2007 03:05 pm
Yes, because the correct URL is:

The above URL is loaded with my version of Offline Explorer.

manoj 05/25/2007 03:29 pm
ok.i use 4.6 version.looks like the latest version does the trick.i'll use it and let you know the results.thanks

aligh 06/28/2007 05:55 am
> ok.i use 4.6 version.looks like the latest version does the trick.i'll use it and let you know the results.thanks
> manoj


Nice discussion,

A correct link to capture all images is like the:

you should add

Pay attention the "&print=yes_chapter" at the end of the URL.

When you enter this URL in a new windows of IE7 you can save it as a mht file with all images. But by this, you need to do that for all chapters seperately.

I think that offlie explorer can do it for you automatically.

Plz inform me if offline was succesful
manoj 06/29/2007 04:39 pm
thanks for the advice...but it seems that even with version 4.7.2614SR1 i just cannot download the images which open as a seperate popups in ie7.i hav put in all the above advices...but in vain plz hlp
Oleg Chernavin 06/30/2007 08:04 am
Can you contact me by E-mail?