missing pages, netlibrary book

05/02/2007 04:37 am
I need to download a net library book in html format of about 2000 pages. I tried with offline explorer 3.9 with the download delay of 10 seconds. But only 1000 pages contain the full text, other 1000 pages its telling copyright warning, please wait 5 seconds before continuing. In this case how will I proceed? Whether I have to increase the download delay from 10 secs to more. Or I reduce the number of pages to be downloaded at one time, if so how many pages per time. Can you guide me. This is the procdure i have folowed.

- Use Internal Browser of Offline Explorer Enterprise to log!n into Netl1brary then open the book. View Econtent Detail to determine the ProductID (BookID),
- Select File\New\Project:
+ Name: type anything
+ Addresses: type http://www.netl1brary.com/nlread ... &FileName=Page_{:1..200}.html (to rip page 1 to page 200).
+ Click OK
- Right click Project then select d0wnl0ad\Start

please help me.

Oleg Chernavin
05/02/2007 05:00 am
I don't know the policy of the site. Perhaps, it allows only 1000 pages per day. If so, you will have to continue the next day.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff