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vip 11/26/2006 06:04 am
i am trying to donlaod only pdf files from a link, and sub links from there and so forth till the last pdf file from all the connected link is downloaded, but i am unable to do so, and most of the pdf links require me to click on s link and then another one before the actual pdf link is given.

i would like to know if anything setting can be put so that only pdf fiels can be downloaded from all coneected links.

Oleg Chernavin 11/27/2006 06:13 am
You can give me more details about the site and what exact links you want to download. I will look there and advise you on the Project settings.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
vip 11/28/2006 12:50 am
here is a website :

this has links in the refrences section, most of them have abstracts, but there are soem like th eone in number 8 which has a link to free full text, if you click on that you get a page just like this and there will be link at the top of the page on the right hand side which gives the pdf of the text on the screen. i want the program to download all those pdf files and also the abstracts in case the pdf is not available, and also from number 8 you get the full text page which also has links at the bottom, i want the program to hunt down thos as well and so forth till all related articles from the first page to the last is done.

it is like a spider web starting from a single point spread all over , downloading only pdf files and abstracts if pdf files are not available, tilll it reaches the end.

please let me knwo the setting for it. i

Oleg Chernavin 11/29/2006 07:02 am
What about creating a Project with the URL:


URL Filters - Directory - select Custom.... and add to the Included list:


This should work.

vip 11/29/2006 11:56 pm
ok, thank you i will give it a try,
can i ask if metaproducts have any software that downloads pdf files directly from the net after a keyword search.
like the current adobe lets you do a search of only pdf files on the net using a key word, but if i need all those pdf file i will have to do it one by one.
is there anyway that i can use a keyword search using this program and download all the possible pdf fiels available.

i willlet you knwo after i try the settings you have suggested me.

thank you once again.
Oleg Chernavin 11/30/2006 04:54 am
Well, if Google has an option to search for PDFs only, this is possible - to use Offline Explorer to get the search results.

vip 11/30/2006 08:23 am
i belive google does have an option, you can check it out, if you type any keyword and then type :pdf it will give all things that are pdf of the keyword only.

eg. calicivirus:pdf

vip 11/30/2006 08:24 am
sorry it should be calicivirus filetype:pdf
vip 11/30/2006 08:35 am
sorry again, but i did try all the settings that you told me to but it did not work. so i am back to square one of going through each paper and downloading each pdf and then going to references and doing the same there as well.

thank you anyways for giving it a shot.

Oleg Chernavin 11/30/2006 01:19 pm
What about creating a Project with the URL:
File Filters - User Defined - add .pdf extension there, select "Load from any site" in the Location box. Then uncheck all other (except User Defined) File Filters categories. URL Filters - Server - select Load from all servers.

This should load what you need.