11/19/2006 01:11 pm
Hello there,

i need some help in getting OLE Access to OEE to work under Java. i have tried for some time now but i couldn?t get anything working.

can someone give me a little starting help - like how to setup everything (if there?s something special to do)
a little code example would be great! (just making contact to the OEE Object for example)
i think/hope i could find out the rest for myself then ... but now i?m a little bit frustrated because i just have no real idea on how to start (havent found any good info on the net either)

thanks in advance!

Oleg Chernavin
11/20/2006 07:37 am
I am not an expert in Java, bit perhaps the following links would give you some valuable info:

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
11/25/2006 01:08 pm

i?ve managed to get some basic things to work. i have contact to the Main Object and can read its properties (like folder count and so on).

but i?m still having some trouble in doing something in OEE beside reading infos.
could you please post a little source example for an basic function? for example adding an new project with standard settings and specified url or so.

it don?t have to be java (ok it would be great! ;-)) - i think i just need to see an example to see in which order things are to be made.

and a second point which came to my mind:
i?m not shure if what i want to do is even possible at all.
i want to parse files in the downloaded directory and add some of the downloaded files (which meet special conditions i have to check with java) to the disabled URL tab.
idea is to make some backups automatically so that the files can than be deleted from disk without having OEE reloading them in the next update.

is this possible with OLE?? i havent found something like this in the help.

Oleg Chernavin
11/27/2006 03:46 am
When you install the program, its installation directory contains samples made in Delphi, Visual Basic and C++. Please see if they help.