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Arthur N 07/02/2006 09:39 pm
I usually create a list of URL to review daily: I stumble over a URL I would like to give more attention, not at the moment, so I enter that address into my daily links review list. Then, as I see it, I have two options: either to build a simple web page with all the URLs listed or to make a simple txt file. Now, when the OE grabs the links from an html file with a depth level set to 1 and then exports the downloaded files to a chm file automatically, it's easy for me to see the contents, coz it's the first page that opens up. But grabbing links from a txt file doesn't work this way, it doesn't create the first page with all the URLs listed, so it's difficult to see the links I wanted to review. All said, I like the idea of making simple txt files, because building a web page is quite tricky. Is there any way to make things work better?
Is it possible to have some in busket, like in Mass Downloader, for dropping the links to review later? Of course, we have the option of downloading individual pages by right clicking in the Internet Eplorer but that clutters everything.
Oleg Chernavin 07/03/2006 05:39 am
Well, you can paste the contents of your .txt file into the Project's URLs field - it can hold hundreds of links easily.

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Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff