Error Code=00000002 File not found Error reading from file

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Anthony Quinn 06/16/2006 04:41 am

I've had Offline Explorer Enterprise 3.9.2144 Service Release 3 running doing some downloads for some time, without issues. However, several days ago, one project (on one machine) started to abort after one file with an error

Error reading from file: \\server\path\file.htm Error code=00000002 File not found

There's never been any issue with this project before, and I'm not aware of anything having changed. Any idea what might be going on?


Oleg Chernavin 06/16/2006 04:45 am
It could happen if there is low disk space or if there are too many files on that directory. Can you check this?

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Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Anthony Quinn 06/16/2006 04:59 am
Other projects are successfully downloading into the same set of folders, so I don't think its an issue with space or number of files in the download area...

Is there any worth in my deleting the project and manually reconfiguring a new project in its image?

Anthony Quinn 06/16/2006 05:19 am

Added a new project (on the affected machine) in the image of the failing project, and it fails too - same error.

Anthony Quinn 06/16/2006 12:02 pm

Further investigation suggests this is actually a permissions issue. One of the files which was to be downloaded was to be placed into a folder in which the user running OE.exe did not have rights to modify files. When this permissions issue was resolved, the download happened fine.


Oleg Chernavin 06/16/2006 02:50 pm
This is good to hear!