Any way to download without directory structure?

03/02/2006 05:21 pm
Is there any way to download from a site without recreating the directory structure? Ie, just dump all files downloaded into one directory regardless of the directory it`s in on the site?

I have a site that, at least from the visitor`s side, has all the files used each day linked within a new directory for that particular day.

For example a news post on Feb 28th might use an image news2.gif. That file would appear in a page with a source of 20060228/news2.gif but if used on Feb 26th would also appear in that post with a source of 20060226/news2.gif and so on and so forth which makes for a massive amount of redundant downloading. The text files however are not redundantly named or linked but get spread among hundreds of subdirectories based on the day they were posted making things quite messy themselves.

Offline translation isn`t needed as I`m just trying to keep the actual content on the pages and the images saved rather then make a functional mirror and setting OE to skip existing files and dumping everything into one directory would be perfect if it`s possible.
Oleg Chernavin
03/03/2006 04:22 am
What if you would use URL Substitutes to remove the directory when saving the file?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff