Invalid links and invalid directories

Jeff Davis
01/30/2006 01:55 am
Before I get into the jist of all of my issues, could someone please tell me if this site is even possible for OEE to download it correctly?

I already figure the first 3 selecting methods won`t work but what about when you click on "list all 200 experiments" and get

It appears to be an invalid link with the question marks and there a way to make it work?

Jeff Davis
01/30/2006 02:27 am
Let me elaborate........ will indeed download but all of the Movie/Slideshow/Pictures buttons/links get corrupted and nothing useful gets downloaded. I say gets corrupted because OEE seems to screw up the address of the link and leads it to a directory that doesn`t exist and a 404 message is displayed.

For instance the very first Movie on that page has a link to:

But OEE tries to send it to http://mainmov.html?expnum=1&ismovie=0&picnum=-1&control=0&language=1

For some reason its treating the directory mainmov as a server and ignoring the real server.

The button-gifs are also messed up; for instance the `Movie` gif is really at:
But OEE seems to want to find it at:
adding the default to the address and thus corrupting the link.
Oleg Chernavin
01/30/2006 08:38 am
There is a complex script involved. But there is a solution. You can create a Project to load the following URL:{:1..200}&ismovie={:0..1}&picnum=-1&control=0&language=1

This will load all movies and images.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Jeff Davis
01/30/2006 03:19 pm
Still no go, kind of. Everything seems to have downloaded. The proper gifs downloaded to the appropriate folders EXCEPT they were also attempted to be downloaded from the corrupted locations as well and those all failed.

OEE seems to try to use the nonexistent locations for the gifs and nothing loads because the right gif isn’t there. I was able to get the GIFs to work because the error seems to be uniform and most of them downloaded so I just created a copy of the real folder with all the Gifs and put it in the folder that OEE seems to think the gifs are located in but that still doesn’t fix all the links.

None of the movie/slideshow/picture links work (although I did get the button GIFs to work); I’m still getting the mainmov.html being treated as a server issue. If I could just figure out the frames issue then I could probably create a folder for the mythical server mainmov and copy the correct files to there.
Oleg Chernavin
02/02/2006 08:59 am
I am sorry. I don`t have a solution for this site now.