New problem whit swf,jsp files,Upper_case to Lower_case and export function

Jose L
09/09/2005 11:19 am
Hello Craig.I posted a similar message 8/25/2005.I?m having many problems to download files swf,jsp and problems whit Upper_case to Lower_Case conversion in file name.I?m from Spain and my English and expresion aren?t very good.Sorry??.
Well,I?m downloading a big site named ""(files download are about 400.000 and about 1-2 millions of links.The URL for the project is "".This project require user and password for a few links that are in this site "" and "".If you need it I can seend you a private e-mail.
Well,the project optins are very complex,I excluded many directorys and URL?s.
Most important:
Files download:all for all site,whit restriction
Servers:included "" and ""
Dyrectorys:I put many directorys in the excluded tab that i don?t want(many..)Nothing in Include tab.
Well,all function well but there are a few links in the project that are downloaded badly:
1?-A directory named "E-learning"(Upper_case) that are in ""are changed to"e-learning"(Lower_Case)in Map Tab(there are many other dyrectorys changed name Upper_Case to Lower_Case),but at the moment only E-Learning directory is important.
In the hard disk whit files explorer are ALL OK,in original name.The problem is if a link to this directory aren?t download,the page that said that "This link isn?t downloaded: go online or add to the project,the two links are in Lower_Case and oee don?t go online and don?t download the link because the page no exit!!!!.
2?-In this directory are links to xml, jsp?, swf?, and other file name that has ? in the name that oee don?n parse or download well.I don?t know the referer to this links but I can see te links in the Map Tab.I tell you various examples(there are much more):
Link 1:""
Link 2:"".This two are the new flash version and when the file are download(swf) the links don?t function.I?ve observed that this links open a new window(java function) and if I select the Function "Autosave" oee don?t capture this "click" to open the new window and dont download it.
And a third link that function Ok to compare to the other,this is a flash 4:
Link 3:"".

Whit the two first links I use Internet Explorer(whit a IE cache clean) to view which links are downloaded,the name,and the html code and I create individual projects whit this links to view the diferences.
I?ve observed that oee 3.9 sr1 change varios characters that are in file name:"=","?","/",":".I think this is because Windows 2000 and XP don?t permit the use of this characters to a file name.This is truee?.I think yes,and the link function well.
Can you help me to download this clase of links?.

3?-I use the function "export to directory"to change the links that don?t has a htm or html extension to convert the files "shtml","jsp?=","swf?="and many other,whit a project recently downloaded(the above two links),whitout closing oee,whitout updating files or missing links,and ocurr two sucess:1-oee don?t export all links and files and 2-oee change all html code links Upper_case to Lower_Case,all(directory estructure,links to files,etc..).
You can recreate the project to download it and view that I?m saing.
Oleg Chernavin
09/09/2005 02:22 pm
Well, I think that the only way to deal with the lower/up case problems now is to browse to any good link offline that contains that /e-learning/ directory and change it to .../E-Learning/... in the address bar manually. Then browsing all other links will show you the correct online URL when the page is missing.

Regarding symbols replacement - you are correct - Windows filesystem cannot hold them in filenames and Offline Explorer has to replace them with other symbols.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Jose L
09/09/2005 09:22 pm
and what about the other problem related to jsp?,and and swf? and other,whit the links of my example?.And about the export function problem?.If you need login, I can send you.
Oleg Chernavin
09/10/2005 12:53 pm
Yes, it is better to contact me using Thank you!

Jose L
09/13/2005 05:31 am
> Yes, it is better to contact me using Thank you!
> Oleg.

Hi Oleg,there are an answer for my question?.I send login to support metaproducts yet.
Oleg Chernavin
09/13/2005 11:21 am
OK. I received it and I will work on the problem.

Jose L
09/14/2005 11:16 am
> OK. I received it and I will work on the problem.
> Oleg.

Have you encountered a solution?
Oleg Chernavin
09/15/2005 03:46 am
Sorry, not yet.