Working of Offline Explorer Enterprise 3.9

09/04/2005 04:39 pm
Dear Sir,
I am a new user of this great product of yours. I have some queries related to its working. When I create a project and start downloading a particular site. then how to I pause it before closing the Offline Explorer Enterprise. If I dont use suspend to file and resume from file option and then start the download again by using the "Download Missing Files " option then the dowload of files starts from the begining. i want to query that isnt there any option of AUTO SAVE that Offline Explorer Enterprise saves the information of downloaded pages so that at a later point when I restart the download it resumes from the point that I have downloaded i.e. the counter of files downloaded does not start from the beginning.
Another thing that I want to inquire is that I experience frequent electricity breakdowns. So I am using a tweak to auto login to my windows in case my system gets restarted in my absence. The windows I am using is Windows 2000 professional . Is there any way to include Offline Explorer Enterprise in the startup and configure its download to start every 30:00 minutes ?? (There is scheduling option available in the project properties->Advanced->Scheduling) but how to start Offline Explorer Enterprise in the startup. Also one another query relating to this setting is : Would setting up the scheduler for the project evey 30 minutes restart downloading the files and start the counter of downloaded files from 0 ??? that wud be too bad :(
Please reply to this query. Waiting impatiently for your reply
Thanking you especially Oleg Chernavin who has always provided me with quick responses to all problems related to Offline Explorer. hats off to You.
Oleg Chernavin
09/05/2005 03:39 pm
I just checked and Download missing files works well - it doesn`t redownload the files you already downloaded. If this doesn`t happen at your computer, can you please tell me the site URL where this happens - maybe they use some session IDs that change every time in URLs.

Regarding starting Offline Explorer when Windows starts - you can easily drag its shortcut to the Start | Programs | Autostart folder.

Regarding scheduled starts - yes the counter will be set to 0 - it happens every time you start the download - manually or automatically. However if the Project is set to "Do not download existing files", then it will count all already downloaded files on your disk and continue.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff