Updating the project, downloading projects not to the same directory

08/10/2005 10:16 am
I have 2 questions about oe.
1.: I finished downloading a very big comics site. I just downloaded the pictures, not the other files (html, etc). It took a lot of days, so, i stopped, and continued it. But, the site operators upload new files from time to time, so, i want to update it sometimes. If they put new stuffs to the site, the main page don`t change, just in the sub-sub directory. Now, if i click to update project, OE just downloads only the main page, and it finishes, `cos, it`s the same. To update the complete project, have i click to restart downloads? (I know, to update correctly, it needs to download all html, php, and other `text` file, but i would`nt like to re-download the pictures, which are on my hard disk) Are the descr.wd3 files contains the complete infos from the actual directorys? Just, `cos, i didn`t downloaded the `text` files, so, how it knows, whether there was update on the page or not?
2.: the project, what i mentioned in the first questions made lot of directories in the download directory (it downloaded from some servers), but, if I make another project, than i want to download it to a complete separate directory (so i want, that every project has an own directory). Is it possible? To give an own download target to every project? `cos, now, i just can do, that, before i start a new project, i change that in the options menu, and it is very bad (sometimes i forget to change, and download to the other project`s dir...)
Oleg Chernavin
08/10/2005 10:23 am
1. It is easy to do - setup your Project to "Do not load existing files".
2. Please create another folder, select it, click Properties and change the folder`s Download Directory. Click the OK button. Now all Projects in the folder will use its Download Directory setting.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
08/20/2005 06:12 am
Hi Oleg!
Thanks for the fast and useful ansver, it helped me, but suddenly, i have new problems. The site is the same, but suddenly, the site admins changed the site. It now requires access code. I got it, and with ctrl-alt, i made a new project. They also do some tricky changes: if i download web pages too fast (3 sec), the site forbids me, and just shows a white page everywhere (OE, IE, firefox...), until i get a new ip address. So, i have to slow the download to 1 connection, and 3 sec delay. I asked them, and they said, this protection is just protect the web pages, so, i can download the pictures without delay, with more connection. Is there any possibilities, to change the project to download the pages slow, but the pictures fast? (i think, no, but maybe).
But the biggest problem: I don`t want to download the web pages, so, i jut download the pics, and i changed to do not download existing files. I downloaded yesterday, all day, but because of the slow download and the lot of pages, i just download pages (so, nothing, what i saved to the disk) and after today i start it with download missing files, it started all again, with the same pages, that it downloaded yesterday. I think this is because of the site tricks. So, if I do it again, I downloaded every day just the same pages, but never the files what I needed.
By the way, OE seems better and better, as I learn to use the more advanced methods. It`s a very good product.
Oleg Chernavin
08/21/2005 11:39 am
Sorry, but fast images download is not possible yet. Maybe it will be done in some future versions.

Regarding the ability to continue the download. I would suggest you not to stop the download, but to use the Suspend To File feature in the Download menu. Then you will be able to resume any time you want exactly from the same point where you stopped.