08/09/2005 06:40 am
Hallo, Oleg!

I`ve got the latest release of OE (3.9). Now I can assign properties of one project to the another. But: a) I cant assign to project properties of template
b) It seems that the projects map is broken - "Project.GetMapEntry(int)" returns me files from different projects, how it could be?! ( under 3.8 the same code works properly)
Oleg Chernavin
08/09/2005 08:34 am
I added AssignTemplate method to IOEProject interface:

Assigns settings of a Project.

function AssignTemplate(Template: Integer);

You can assign all properties of a template Project which is referred by the function parameter to the current Project. This is useful when creating Projects based on templates to eliminate the need to setup all properties.

To assign settings from another Project, please use the AssignSettings method.

To get list of templates use IMainOE.GetTemplate method.

Here is the updated version:

Regarding the Map - the code was not changed for a long time. Can you please try it again?

08/09/2005 10:42 am
Problems with map seems to happen when the projects properties are assigned from other project via OLE. As you just fixed this problem, I think than nobody ever used it before. Can you check your code conformably to this situation?

Thank you for your attantion and tenderness.
Oleg Chernavin
08/10/2005 03:20 am
I think I overlooked a serious thing. These Assign... methods also copy Project IID and URL, which should not happen. They should copy all other settings except these. I fixed it. Here is the update:


08/10/2005 05:33 am
Thank you.
Can you please email me a header COEProject.h with AssignTemplate fanction?
Oleg Chernavin
08/10/2005 06:22 am
Please try to import OLE code from Offline Explorer in Visual C++. This should give you all of the identifiers.