streaming issues

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Homer 07/16/2005 05:17 am

I`m having problems downloading the streaming video`s, which are really just WMV files, but labled WVX.

how can I download and keep these on my pc?

Link is

and each video has this type of link



P.S. Can I only download and keep the actual Video and not all the other files by any chance as I have limited HD space and only want to open the videos up and watch them.

Thanks again:-)
Homer 07/16/2005 05:18 am
Also can I just download all videos on a page at a time and not the whole website?

Thanks again

Homer 07/18/2005 06:35 am
Hi Oleg,

Any luck on my problem?

Oleg Chernavin 07/18/2005 06:57 am
The easiest way is to create a Project with the following two lines in the URLs field:{:1..3000}

Set Level to 1 and start downloading the Project.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff