Protected pages: can browse but won`t download...

07/15/2005 05:40 pm

I am using the trial version of OEE 3.8.

I have password access to a magazine (the procedure is that I am reverted to my university library through automatic proxy config and there I enter password and am afterwords directed to the protected area of the magazine.)

When I use the internal browser in OEE I get prompted as usual for a password and after I enter it I can access the protected articles. But when I set up a project and try to run it immediately after having browsed to protected pages (in order to check that the cookie is `active`) I nevertheless cannot download any protected pages. When OEE wants to get a protected article it redirects to the `half-article-teaser with the offer to buy the whole article` as if I did not already have access.

I don`t understand. Howcome I can browse to the protected pages but can`t download them through running a project?

Greatful for help.

07/15/2005 05:41 pm
I am using Windows 2000 Pro SP4 Swedish version....

07/15/2005 06:58 pm
Haha! Solved it myself! Needed to autodetect the proxy server used for cookie validation at my university library....

Wow, this software is so much more powerful that Webzip.... more reliable and just plain awesome!!

Oleg Chernavin
07/18/2005 02:34 am
It is great that you solved the problem!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff