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Penelope 07/14/2005 04:19 am

I`m trying to get this site:

All settings are default (get everything, no limit on level), except servers which I`ve set to custom with the following servers "included":

The problem is that no thumbnails are downloaded, and if you click the box where the thumbnail should be, they all open http://digitalcameras.lakedistrictdesktops.com/imagev.html?<number> instead of a downloaded page.

I have managed to work out that all the thumbnail and full size images are stored on homepage.mac.com, which is why I have included it above.

The problem seems to be with the lakedistrictdesktops.com setting? It needs to get www.lakedistrictdesktops.com, digitalcameras.lakedistrictdesktops.com, digitalphotography.lakedistrictdesktops.com, and so on, which is why I included lakedistrictdesktops.com.


By the way, I tried *.lakedistrictdesktops.com, but it made no difference (if I have read the help correctly it should be just lakedistrictdesktops.com anyway?).

I also tried getting http://digitalcameras.lakedistrictdesktops.com/imagev.html?0 (the page that opens if you click the first thumbnail on http://www.lakedistrictdesktops.com/bydate.html), using a level of 0 and everything else on get everything, and it did the same thing (no image).

I`m using the trial version of OEE v3.8.2028 Release.
Oleg Chernavin 07/14/2005 04:38 am
I would suggest you to create another Project to load the images. It would use the following URL:


Download the Project with Level=2.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Penelope 07/14/2005 09:48 pm
Are you saying this works when you do it like that?

I downloaded the latest version of OEE, tried exactly what you say above, and the same thing happens... no images! (I have allowed everything when trying this - including all servers.)

I think the problem is with line 73 in "http://digitalcameras.lakedistrictdesktops.com/imagev.html?0". In the online version (ie. view source in IE) it contains:

document.writeln("<img src=`http://homepage.mac.com/andybannister/preview/p" + photothumb[x].slice(1,20) + ".jpg`>")

In the downloaded and exported version it contains:

document.writeln("<img src=`../homepage.mac.com/1/homepage404ErrorPage.html" + photothumb[x].slice(1,20) + ".jpg`>")

I can see what is happening (as I`m sure you can when you look), but I have no idea why OEE does this!
Penelope 07/15/2005 03:56 am
I`ve worked it out!

Lines 31-35 of "http://digitalcameras.lakedistrictdesktops.com/imagev.html?0" contain:

33 var t=location.href
34 var n=t.indexOf(`?`);
35 var x =t.slice(n+1, n+10)

The problem is that the script is using the name of the file (location.href) to get the image number (the number after the "?"). Because OE changes the "?" to an "@" when it saves the file, it makes the script fail from this point onwards.

If you manually edit line 34 so that it contains:

34 var n=t.indexOf(`@`);

the script works, and SOMETHING at least appears! (Although no image appears because OE never downloaded it.)

This leads to a feature request! I think it would be good if OE could change the source of a page dynamically when it downloads it. The above change to line 34 could then be done dynamically as the site downloads, and it would work (possibly).

Otherwise, unless I`ve missed something, this site cannot be downloaded by OE?
Oleg Chernavin 07/15/2005 06:53 am
I agree, but it is hard to understand which ? symbols should be converted to @ and which - not. Sometimes such conversion will make things worse and sometimes it will help.