Edit downloaded HTML file manually

07/13/2005 08:53 am
we are using OEE to create an offline version of our own websites,
some of our pages contain complex JavaScript links, Server Side scripts or root-relative links, so OE seemed to be a great tool for downloading these sites.
unfortunately, some JS links are not parsed correctly: pages/images are missing etc.
i tried editing all these downloaded html pages manually, using a simple text editor.
and checked them using my IE browser, it all worked well, but when viewing the project in OE internal browser or after exporting, my changes are gone, as if i did not fix the right pages.
i have the same problem with images i downloaded manually (using simple FTP program) into the download directory.
does OE store a second copy og dowloaded file?
do i have to change some properties file?

Thanks for your help.

Oleg Chernavin
07/13/2005 08:59 am
This is strange, because Offline Explorer doesn`t keep a second copy of the downloaded pages. Maybe your editor didn`t save the edited pages in the correct place? I would also suggest you to try editing inside Offline Explorer Enterprise (Tools | Edit menu). Does this help?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
07/13/2005 09:02 am
Hi Oleg,
Thanks for your quick reply!
i`m 102% positive that i saved my pages in the correct folder (i do this for a living...)
edit function in OE made no different.

any other ideas?
07/13/2005 02:06 pm
may this can help you in helping...
the map does not reflect the files that are actually on the disk,
could it be that files that were added via external ftp are not listed?
Oleg Chernavin
07/13/2005 04:28 pm
I don`t think so. Each of the downloaded files will be added to the Map of the Project you download. Did you try the Internal Editor on some file?

Maybe you made a Project download after editing the files? Maybe it was automatic on a schedule?