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ja 06/30/2005 02:39 pm

first of all please understand my poor english

thank you for your software

my question is:

1.can` download following url
i evaluated script calculations(i searcheduser forum with keyword java script) but it didn`t work

2how cani download project in order (not multiple at the same time but once at a time} like other download program such as flash get,net transport?

3when i want to select all project,withouut using shift key is it possible to do only with the mouse like other window program (left click and drag to wanted range)? i think this question is related to question2 if max sitameously download feature which other download programs already have is added to this program

thank you
Oleg Chernavin 07/01/2005 03:34 am
Can you please tell me what is exactly wrong with that URL download?

Regarding the sequental Projects download - you can use View | Sequencer for that and drag the desired Projects on it to make the sequence.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
ja 07/02/2005 12:11 am
of course level0 page is donloaded well
but level1page of which url is ,for example, javascript:view(1735,"2340") is not downloaded.
when i click that url,

``Document not found
This page is not accessible offline. Possible reasons: either it was an invalid link on the server or Project settings do not allow the page to be downloaded. In some cases, increasing Project Level setting should help.

Click here to go online:

Download the missing link now and add it to the selected Project.

Offline Explorer Enterprise 3.8 © 1997 - 2005, MetaProducts corp.`` appears

what shall i do?
Oleg Chernavin 07/04/2005 08:04 am
Well, I would only suggest you to use the AutoSave mode and browse the site offline to get all of the links. The script changes a form and submits it. Offline Explorer cannot yet do that automatically. Sorry.

ja 07/04/2005 03:19 pm
ok thank you
Oleg Chernavin 07/05/2005 03:13 am
You are welcome!