John Tsoukaris
05/21/2005 01:10 pm
Hi, I`ve installed offline exporer enteprise version 3.7 SR1 (30 days trial) and I was wondering if there is any way to download the tutorials from, in particular the "Protect Word documents" ( and "Help protect yourself: Security in Office" ( tutorials.

Thanks in advance.
Oleg Chernavin
05/21/2005 02:31 pm
I see nothing too complex on these pages. Can you please tell me what goes wrong when you download them?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
John Tsoukaris
05/21/2005 03:17 pm

when I am trying to download any of these tutorials offline explorer starts downloading the whole site. Could you please post the correct settings in order to download just the tutorials I am interest in and not the huge office site?

Thanks for the fast reply.Offline explorer is a terrific program. Keep up the good work!!
Oleg Chernavin
05/24/2005 09:20 am
I am sorry for the late reply. Can you please tell me, which exact links do you want to download from the above pages?

John Tsoukaris
05/25/2005 12:19 pm
No you don`t have to login. Are you using a browser other than internet explorer? The tutorials are visible only if you are using internet explorer 6.
Oleg Chernavin
05/25/2005 12:49 pm
Yes, I use MS IE 6.0. Once I browse to the first link, I get redirected to the following URL:

I have the following text there:

Online training courses for the latest versions of Microsoft Office System programs are available on Office Online. To access them, you must have one of the following installed on your computer:

Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003
Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003
Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003
Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003
How do these courses work?
Courses are self-paced, interactive, and focused on particular features or activity areas. Courses contain audio tracks, illustrations, and practice sessions using the programs they teach. Online courses are a quick, easy way to gain valuable expertise and become more productive, right at your desk. Take a quick tour of a training course.

What about training for other versions of Office?

and so on....

I can`t find the link to start the course.