single page - always changing address f.ex.".../05478034"

04/12/2005 10:16 am
I try to download just a single page inside a very big site.
The page however has an address (filename) which is a number that chenges every day.

I was wondering , is there a feature in Offline Explorer that will allow users
to give explorer the NAME (text name f.ex."blondes") of the link and to have the page,
which that link refers to, downloaded ?
A site has directory "blondes". The address that the "blondes" link points to is ****.com/women.asp?choice=BL54309485 today. Tomorrow the link will have some other numbers in it.

How do I tell Offline explorer : GoTo ***.com
and look for "blondes" link in its content and then download that link?

Can I create some kind of rules to make OE look inside content or html tags?

Thanks in advance.
Great Progrqam!
Oleg Chernavin
04/13/2005 02:34 am
Sure. You can easily use URL Filters section to specify a mask of a URL you want to load.

If you still have problems, please let me more details on that site, so I could help you better.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
04/13/2005 07:43 am
URL filters do not help me. Well unless there are some special commands I am not aware of...
I will give you detailed information on a similar site.

Here is another example using the William Hill site(online bookmaker -
For example :
My objectives :
1. I want to download ONLY the page that lists
the odds for the Champions League soccer matches.
2. I want to do it everyday at the same time 5 pm CET.

1.1 You go to the home of the site -
1.2 You click on "Football" -
address is :
Then on that page you have links to different links.
1.3 I want to download the page which the link "Champions League -Match Betting"
( located in section Match Betting) points to.
In my case it has address :

2.1 Scheduling is pretty straight forward. The trick is that tomorrow the number after FB
It is obviously impossible to task OE to download the URL of a single page.
It might have one address today and another tomorrow (or next time I open it for that matter).

Therefore, I was thniking that if I can tell OE to follow the links NAMED
"Football" and then "Champions League - Match Betting" I will have that page.
For, the NAME of the links are the only `constants` here. Always the same NAME.
Is that possible? Probably from a command line?
Because I don`t see any options in the interface...

The other think that scares me is that it is a script that generates the URL addresses
to certain pages online. I am not sure if Offline Explorer could cope with
that challenge. Then again I am new to OE...
Why would people script generate these addresses ???
I like to view saome pages offline when I have time (on the train ).
Oleg Chernavin
04/13/2005 08:34 am
Unfortunately, there is no such feature to filter by link name yet. However the page doesn`t list too many links and it should not take much time to load all links to the Football betting. You will only need to use the following URL Filters | Filename keyword:


Would that work for you or you really need only a couple of links and loading all bettings is not a solution for you?

04/13/2005 03:56 pm
Well my idea in the first place was getting pages
( and I further planned to have an internal link to every downloaded page)
was making the whole process automatic, no human intervention.
Just automatically downloading a specific page to a certain location.
There will be no person to browse and choose the correct page from a few.

The "couponchoice=FB" definitely reduced the size of downloaded data.
But still I need only one single page.
The WillHill site is not exactly the site I would like to use OE for,
but is a typical example. I know a lot of people face this problem
on a daily basis - not being able to get their offline pages due to
site administrators `hiding` content behind always changing filenames.

Looking closely at all possibilities it seems that "following link NAME"
is the most plausible solution.
It asks for a smarter way to map the site links I guess.

Please if you find any solution to the `link NAME` feature e-mail me
at .

And Oleg thank you very much for your timely support.
Keep up the good work man!
Offline Explorer is an incredible product that helps many people!
Oleg Chernavin
04/14/2005 06:57 am
OK. I will work on this feature. Thank you!

Oleg Chernavin
04/14/2005 08:01 am
I just added a new kind of keywords. Please download the updated oe.exe file version:

Now you will be able to use the keywords like:


Please let me know how it works. Thank you!