download shows complete but has only 20% of files

03/31/2005 04:54 am
downloading a single page where theres nothing else but only 160 links to .rm files
it will start to download as if everything was normal, but then
1) each file is saved twice, in 2 different folders one from a PNM the other from an RTSP
2) after about 20% of files it will show the icon for download complete and regardeless how often i try to download again, it will never download any of the remaining files
3) klicking one of the links of missing files will open real media player and display "a general error has occured"
4) downloading such a link as a new project will either do nothing at all (for hours) or display timeout after a while
5) it must be a problem of offline explorer because the same links work fine in IE6

what can i do?
Oleg Chernavin
03/31/2005 05:34 am
Can you please paste your Project settings here? Please select the Project, click the Copy button on toolbar and then paste it in the forum message.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
03/31/2005 07:26 am
i haven?t made any settings, left everything on default
simply clicked file - new - project, pasted the url and clicked ok
rightclick the project, download - start and it is on the way
since its a very simple page, all files same size, all in same folder on the server, i figured i don?t need any special settings

i did notice a small difference in the source of the page between files it will download and those it won?t

a href="url?v=folder&g2=1&f=xx.rm" works fine
a href="url?v=folder&f=xx.rm" doesn?t work
Oleg Chernavin
03/31/2005 07:33 am
I would suggest you to increase Level of the Project. If it doesn`t help, can you tell me the page URL with such links?

03/31/2005 07:41 am
already tried that, doesn?t work either

url is
Oleg Chernavin
03/31/2005 10:49 am
I am sorry. The links that do not work for you lead to PNM files on a server that is not yet supported. I tried to understand how it can work, but failed. As far as I know, so far there is no software available that can load such links and save them to disk.

03/31/2005 11:29 am
thx anyway
for future releases of ur software u might find the following useful:

1) most of the files from these links are available in filesharing networks, which means there must be a way, because someone has managed to download and save them and from what i can tell its no screencopy, but an exact match to the file from the server
2) when opening such a link through IE, realplayer doesn?t load the whole file at once, nor continuous, it loads just a small piece, plays it, interrupts after about 2 mins to connect again and load the next piece
Oleg Chernavin
04/01/2005 12:07 am
Yes, we hope to implement it as well, but it is really hard technically.