network slows to a hault when using OEE; feature suggestion

03/21/2005 04:50 pm
Okay, I had a similar problem before... I would try downloading, with "prevent download directories from overloading" enabled, and it starts off downloading fast, but then it pauses for a minute or two, and then it starts up again with only... say, one connection... then it would build up a bit, and slow right down. I have tried enabeling my ISP proxies, but they usually stop working within 20 seconds. I have tried running an HTTP proxy with blank fields in eveything except for port (8080) and NTLM enabled... this seemed to fix this problem a few months ago, but not anymore, unfortunately. Also what I see happening is that my entire internet connection is being compromised when this happens, and generally doesn`t work for about ten to fifteen minutes. Even if I set the number of connections and or delay to a resonable level, say, 5 connections, 1-3 second wait. Like I said this is exactly what happened a few months ago until I enabled NTLM, but that doesn`t even seem to work. Any suggestions?

PS, Feature Suggestion: add more flexability to "Delay between the downloads." So instead of only seconds, make milliseconds an option also... so you can say retry every 0.1 seconds or even 0.01 seconds.. WebZip has this feature and it seems to help keep a really good speed, and yet doesn`t completley hammer the server instantly as 0 wait time.. thus keeping the connection alive better; and improved speed.... And I really don`t want to use WebZip.
Oleg Chernavin
03/23/2005 07:43 am

In most cases it may be caused by your personal firewall. Can you try to stop it and see if the behavior improves?

I will plan to add delays less than 1 second. Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff