How can I download pdf`s from

Alok Saboo
03/16/2005 02:09 am

Can anyone tell me how do i download pdf articles from Harvard Business Review website. I have the access to the site. To download any file we have to click a link;jsessionid=JIIF2O3FXNRSMCTEQENB5VQKMSARWIPS?fileSKU=95502_en_74_p&a=s

this link then opens a new page and then that page downloads a pdf and asks to save, which in this case is 95502s2.pdf.

How can i simulate OE to click all the links and then capture the pdfs that are downloaded.

Oleg Chernavin
03/16/2005 09:41 am
I went to the page and all I got was a message:

The product or page you are trying to view is restricted. Please call Customer Service Monday-Friday between 8am and 6pm EST.

Anyway, in most cases, Offline Explorer should be able to download the linked PDF files correctly. I would only suggest you to logon the site in the Internal Browser of Offline Explorer first and then start downloading the desired pages.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff