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Brad 03/11/2005 11:52 am
Hello, I`ve been trying to download a fairly big website. I`m just guessing, but I think it`s about 12-15 Gb with probably 500,000+ files and a ton of folders. I can set it up to download and it will run very nicely at speeds of around 300kbps for a couple of hours. After I`ve downloaded around 3 Gb, it starts freezing for several seconds at time. I can see that my harddrive is still very active during these freezes, but my internet connection stops. This lead me to believe that the harddrive is having trouble keeping up. I have tried switching from 10 connections to 2, limiting my speed to 10kbps, and adding a 1 second delay after each file, but it stays slow untill I stop and restart the program. I have tried two seperate harddrives, and defragged both of them, but to no avail. I seem to only be able to download a few MBs per hour when it gets like this. I don`t know much about the settings in this program (outside of the `connection` and `speed` tabs) so I`m hoping somebody here can help me figure out what is going wrong with my project.
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Oleg Chernavin 03/12/2005 05:43 pm
It looks like some folders contain too many files (thousands) and Windows slows down significantly when accessing such folders. You should turn on the "Directory overload protection" in the Options dialog of Offline Explorer | File Locations section. It is also recommended to clean such overloaded directories for faster access.

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Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff