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bit_pusher 11/26/2004 10:12 pm
managing and building project properties/templates would be greatly facilitated by:

1) creating the project property dialog as always on top, non-modal to facilitate interactive queue monitoring and url filtering. as is, if i see a bunch of crud coming in the queue, i have to switch to projects, get a properties dialog, hope i remembered or wrote down the filter i want to make etc etc.... perhaps even a dockable toolwindow

2) Queue window is aggravatingly greedy in that it jumps to top on item removal (and addition?) making queue monitoring almost impossible unless you stop the download. listbox visible should be static.

3) It would also be great to see a global list (perhaps project enumeration checkbox list for filtering) of disabled urls that you have created interactively to assist template creation. e.g. Ads or unwanted crawling into branches of MS.

4) Perhaps i have overlooked it, but the ability to save a projects settings as a template would be great. Say i have build custom Ad blocking templates, spent time creating url filters for different flavors of db driven forums, MS masks etc. Then i combine them in applytemplates, fine tune. So now i want to save it as a template.

Oleg Chernavin 11/27/2004 12:04 pm
1) Yes, this is not implemented yet. However you can use right-click on a URL in the Queue to add the server or path to the URL Filters without calling the Properties dialog.

2) I would suggest you to press F9 key when you switch to the Queue tab. This will make a temporary pause and the Queue display will be steady. Press F9 again to resume the download. You can also use Download | Suspend.

3) You can use the default template (File | Templates dialog) for this purpose. Copy/Paste the list of URLs you want to add there.

4) This is easy - select the desired Project, click the Copy button on clipboard, go to File | Templates and paste the Project to the Templates dialog using the right-click in the list of templates.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff