OE wont just load swf files

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Shelly 10/03/2004 04:33 pm

I wanted to download the swf files linked to the following page


I tried loading the page with no restrictions, but then lots of useless files are downloaded, but not the swf files i want i.e.

HIV Replication (1615.0K)
Treatment of HIV (813.0K)
How Prions Arise (513.0K)

Isn`t there a way I can download ust these files

Please help

With regards

10/03/2004 05:27 pm
Hello Shelly!

Try these settings:

Level limit: 1

Enable "Text", "Video" and "Other" File Filters with:
Location: Load using URL filters settings

URL Filters:
Custom directories configuration

View *included* directories keywords:

(You can delete "/chapter26/" if you don`t need the questions.)