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Awais Lodhi 09/28/2004 04:47 am
I am using Offline Explorer Enterprise 3.3 SR-1 + Operating System Win98SE
I am facing the problem that whatever site i tell it to download
it downloads only 47 links (some time just 20) and then aborts (all files currently being downloaded are also aborted)
i have also tried setting level from 1 to 999
The drive in which i am saving the project has more 3GB of free space

I have tried it on different sites like
http://kambing.vlsm.org/DLL/cygwin/release/ (a cygwin mirror)

first time round just 20 files are downloaded
next time links downloaded is up 47 or 48
Queue tell that there are more than 270 files in queue

Also note that i am behind a proxy server and its setting in OEE are correct
I have also tried telling OEE to identify itself as "Offline Explorer 3.3" and "Microsoft Internet Explorer" but no improvement has been seen

Please look into it soon

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Awais Lodhi 09/28/2004 05:06 am
Sorry i forgot one thing
I have Zone Alarm Pro Installed on my system
but it is configured to allow OEE full access to the internet
I have also tried downloading after stopping the
firewall and no improvement has been observed


Mind is the Ultimate Weapon
Oleg Chernavin 09/28/2004 06:31 am
Can you please try the latest version:


It should work well.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
09/28/2004 10:37 am
Just a small correction:
If you are using "Offline Explorer Enterprise Edition", you should only download files beginning with

The last version that I can see on the server:

(But you can try higher numbers; I`m not using OEE)

Awais Lodhi 09/28/2004 02:15 pm
I downloaded oee1809.zip and it seems to be working
but it says OEE 3.4
so will i have registration issues or should i use oee1803.zip


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Oleg Chernavin 09/28/2004 02:20 pm
There are no registration issues - your registration code should be valid for all 3.x versions of the purchased product.

Awais Lodhi 09/28/2004 03:10 pm
Thanks for the prompt reply
infact i myself had not previously checked this fact
before posing on the forum

Sorry for the troubble & Thankx once again

Mind is the Ultimate Weapon
Oleg Chernavin 09/28/2004 03:18 pm
No problem! I am glad to help you!