can`t save .nsc stream

05/14/2004 04:54 am
in the features of OE enterprise, it is mentioned that .nsc streams can be saved. but when i enter the address into OE, i just get the 1.78kb .ngc file saved instead of the live stream. is there any way to go about it?

Oleg Chernavin
05/14/2004 05:45 am
Can you please let me know the URL of the file? I will try to load it myself.

Also, try to enable loading from all servers and directories. This may help.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
05/14/2004 07:12 am

> Also, try to enable loading from all servers and directories. This may help.

yes by default that is enabled for me. but the url can only be reached by subscribers of the ISP i believe. nevertheless, u can give it a try
05/14/2004 12:12 pm
here`s the content of the .nsc file, if it helps you. all its contents seems encrypted, so there`s no way i can extract the stream`s exact url as i can do with streaming realmedia .rm files

Time To Live=0x0000000F
Distribution Limit=0x00000005
Player URL=023m000000001WQ01q07G0S00w02y0Bm1Z06y0P01b06C0Sm0k06q0QG1Z0780Rm1p06y0PW1q02u0Om1l06q0Bm1f07C0OG1m06a0Bm1j0700TG1m06S0SW1X06G0PG0k06G0R01i0000
Player Version=020m000000000MD00k0300BW0n02u0Cm0u03K0C00000
NSC Format Version=029G0000000008Cm0k0300000
Channel Version=0x00000005
IP Address=0210000000000UCW0o03G0BW0o0380D00k0340C00k0340C00q0000
IP Port=0x00001E1B
Multicast Adapter=02Dm000000000SCW0m0380BW0n03K0DW0k03G0BW0o03C0CW0000
Delivery Mode=0x00000002

Oleg Chernavin
05/14/2004 01:02 pm
Yes, I was able to load the file. Its format differs from what I have seen before. I will try to make changes in the code and provide you with the updated version next week.

05/14/2004 01:19 pm
thank you!

great support sir :D
05/18/2004 12:10 pm
may i ask when exactly will the updated version be out, so i don`t have to check back here everyday?

thanks for your efforts
Oleg Chernavin
05/18/2004 12:16 pm
You can send an E-mail to me to and I will reply to it once the new format is supported.

Just mention that the E-mail is about Offline Explorer`s support of NSC files.

Oleg Chernavin
05/20/2004 07:00 am
I worked on it and found that the stream requires multicast support only. The stream is not available in other formats supported by Offline Explorer - mms and mmst.

I cannot provide the multicast support right now. I will work on it but it may take several months.