the downloaded asf files can`t seek

05/06/2004 09:46 am
the original file can seek,but the downloaded file can`t seek.My OE version is 3.1
05/06/2004 12:42 pm
OEP-OEE does not index asf files.

There are several other programs that download streaming asf files that will either automatically index the files or have a manual option to do that. There are also several other programs that can index a asf file after it is downloaded.
05/09/2004 10:46 pm

the files downloaded by "offline explorer enterprise" is said to be indexed when you try to index it manually.

but it just will not be seekable when play with "windows media player" but it is seekable when you play with "media palyer" mplayer2.exe

the files downloaded by "wm recorder" are all seekable.

Oleg Chernavin
05/10/2004 02:13 pm
Can you please tell me, how do you index downloaded files manually?

Thank you!

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Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
05/10/2004 09:21 pm
There are some recorder/downloader programs that index files when they download them.
GetASFStream, SDP Multimedia, WM Recorder, HiDownload and a few others.

Net Transport does not automatically index but does have a Make Index for ASF function that can be used after the file is downloaded.

A Seekable file has a seek flag set in it`s header.
Seekable means that if you play it in the 6.4 version of Windows Media Player (mplayer2.exe) you can use the seek bar. Most people don`t use the 6.4 version anymore so just having or making a file seekable is not of much use.

If you want to have a file that you can use the seek bar in all versions of Windows Media player and other players, the file needs to be indexed. That index is added to the file.

These free programs will index ASF,WMV, WMA files.

ASFTools can index Windows Media files. The cut function will index a file but you must set it to remove one second at the beginning or end of the file. You may have to use one of the repair options such as Lost Chunks, Basic or Avanced Repair before a file can be cut and indexed. If the cut file indexing does not work you may have to use one of the other indexers listed below. The repair options in this program may need to be used sometimes, for these other indexing programs to work properly on a particular file.
ASFTools for some if it`s functions like cut and index, is a GUI for the command line utility asfcut.exe

ASFIndexGui will index Windows Media files with it`s included asfindex.exe.
ASFIndexGui uses the command line utility asfindex.exe that originally came with some early Windows Media Resouce Kits. Some later versions of WMRK like version 7 came with a GUI indexer asfindxr.exe. The WMRK`s are no longer available from Microsoft but may still be found other places on the Internet.

Windows XP and 2000 users can also index files with Windows Media File Editor wmeditor.exe included in Windows Media Encoder Series 9.

These shareware programs will also index.
Oleg Chernavin
05/12/2004 07:01 am
Thank you very much! I will work on it!