Photo Gallery downloading problem.

Fausto Junior
05/03/2004 05:41 pm
Hi everyone!!
Hi Oleg!! * huggles *
It`s me again.. with another problem...
RTFM!!! ;) I couldn`t solve it, even RdngTFM!
I hope I`m not being incovenient asking again... :x ne Oleg! ;D
I was trying to download a picture gallery, but I couldn`t download even one .jpg! :(
Here is how the server structure looks like:

You choose the picture category, so we go to :
This is the first page. If I would like to go to page 2, so and so ... (until 1002 at the site I`m trying to d/l! :O ). The 11 in the link means the category number.
Each page, has 24 pic links. They don`t send you to the .jpg. But, for another .htm, that will show you the picture. Lets see the Pic n 1 :, pic 2 : Ok.
Now, the Pic page, loads the .jpg from another server, like That link contains the date the pic was posted, and the file name. OK! (Oh, my head is frying...)
But, we cant find the JPEG link at the specific pic page (1.html). They use a trick like that:

<img src="http://"+url+"/data/11/2004/2004-3-20/b0001.jpg">

This java variable contains the pic`s server link ( is our case). But, this variable is declared in a top_test.js file!!!! Called by 1.html!! So, whenever OE tries to download some pic from the pic`s server, its try a link like: http://undefined/data/11/2004/2004-3-20/b001.jpg. The thumbnails at the gallery page is called from this server too, so, OE wont download it. :(
I think OE doesn`t interpret the javascript in that file...
There is a way to download it?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry for the trouble.

Fausto Jr.
Fausto Junior
05/03/2004 05:59 pm
Nah!!! Don`t mind!! I got it working!!!
I didn`t see the URL Substitute function!
Great! It worked perfectly!! Substitute "undefined" > "60.1.63..."!
Oleg... you`re great man! You and everyone from MetaProducts!
You thought everything when designing OE!
I don`t have words to describe such a great software and company ... :D
I would like to help in someway! Either OE ou MetaProducts!
(I`m not smart or any useful, but... ;)


Fausto Junior (OE fan) ^.^
Oleg Chernavin
05/05/2004 04:22 pm

Thank you very much for the kind words!

I am glad that it worked for you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff