bug: Resume project fails after suspend project to file

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Roddy MacKenzie 04/13/2004 09:05 am
If I try to resume a project after suspending the project to file, I get a "Read beyone end of file" error.

I have tried this for several projects with different options selected. OEE continues quite happily with whatever it was doing before trying to resume a project, whether there are projects downloading or not. Suspending everything to a file and resuming works perfectly, whether there are projects downloading or not.

I am using OEE 3.1 under Win2000 + IE6 with the latest service packs & patches. I am also using MassDownloader 2.7 Beta 1, Outpost Firewall v1 and DUN Manager v3.1

Oleg Chernavin 04/14/2004 04:27 am

Thank you! I just fixed the problem. Can you wait until the next week for the update? I am out of city now.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Roddy MacKenzie 04/14/2004 06:07 am
Thanks Oleg.

I can easily wait a few days now I know what causes the problem and a (slightly messy) workaround

Oleg Chernavin 04/14/2004 07:36 am
Good. Please remind me early next week.