Limiting channels per project in OEE 3.0

Roddy MacKenzie
02/27/2004 06:30 am
According to the OEE help pages, "it is possible to configure the number of downloading connections for each Project" This looks like a very useful new feature in OEE 3.0.

I cannot see anything in the Project Properties dialogs to allow this to be set up for an individual project, nor can I see anything in the Options dialogs to limit the number of channels *per project* (All I can find is the total number of channels in Options)

I am running an evaluation copy of OEE 3.0 SR1 before deciding whether to upgrade from OEE 2.9 SR3 (I missed the release of OEE 2.9 SR4, so I still have to put up with the F11 bug in the internal browser window)

Roddy MacKenzie
Oleg Chernavin
02/27/2004 09:49 am

You can limit connections per Project two ways:

1. Add the following line to the Project URLs field:


2. Start the Project download, go to the Queue tab, right-click there and use the Connections Limit submenu.

Regarding F11 bug. If you decide to stay with 2.9 version, just let me know (to my E-mail address) and I will provide you with the latest 2.9 version.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Roddy MacKenzie
03/01/2004 04:16 am
Thanks, Oleg.

It works a treat. I`ll be upgrading to version 3 before the trial period expires, and adding Mass Downloader too.

Oleg Chernavin
03/01/2004 04:30 am
Thank you very much!