Final file in projects fails to download

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Roddy MacKenzie 10/04/2003 06:08 am
I am having a recurring problem - the last file to be downloaded in a project quite often fails to download, leaving a small file saying OEE was unable to download the file.

This rarely happens if I only queue a single project with a single starting URL, but if I queue several projects or one with several starting URLs, it seems to happen about 30% of the time. (Today it happened three times out of six projects)

As long as I remember to go back to the URL vis the browser, I can pull the file manually. Rerunning the project also works, as does the lovely new facility to tack missing files onto the end of the queue. Of course, these tricks only work if I remove the little warning file

Roddy MacKenzie 10/04/2003 04:58 pm
Update - the file is occasionally full size, but corrupted. Retrying the file, either by rerunning the project or by requesting the individual file, always seems to get the uncorrupted file.

Oleg Chernavin 10/06/2003 05:22 am

Does the corrupted file appear in the Project Map? What exactly contents does it have? Can you send me that file? I think, you should have my address. If not, please send it to .

Thank you.

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Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.