Lots of Aborted Files

09/29/2003 12:41 am
I`m sure there is a simple solution to this, but I`ve only been working with the program for a short time and I just haven`t had the patience to figure it out.

I am collecting individual web pages for research purposes. Some of the time, the entire page and all of the associated files download without a problem. But usually, some of the image files fail to load--the panel shows the file downloads as "ABORTED". It has become quite frustrating.

In my hasty attempts to fix the problem, this is what I have done: the level setting is always at zero, since I only want to download the first page. All options and filters are at their least restrictive settings, allowing images and all other files to be downloaded regardless of location, size, etc. Still, I am running into problems.

For example, this is a page that I have tried to download:


A number of the image files for this page are not downloaded. I can later go through the page, compare it to what is shown in my regular browser and download files manually and individually. But this, as you can imagine, is both time-consuming and frustrating.

Since I am downloading these pages for future business presentations, missing files are not acceptable. Please help me solve what is, I`m sure, a simple yet incredibly frustrating issue.

Thank you,

Oleg Chernavin
09/29/2003 07:05 am

I just tried to load that page with Level=0 and all files loaded well. Perhaps something is wrong with the Project settings. Can you please send me your Project to support@metaproducts.com ?

Simply select the Project, click Copy button on toolbar and then paste it to the E-mail message. I will see what is wrong there.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.
09/29/2003 12:44 pm
Hi, Oleg Chernavin,

i`ve made a lots of try with different settings to download www.didgb.com
but it was just aborted after a while and finally i give up.

i will be grateful to you for solving my problem.
i`ve email to you my project.
Oleg Chernavin
09/29/2003 03:39 pm
OK. I will wait.

09/30/2003 01:55 am
Mr. Chernavin:

I have followed your directions and sent you the appropriate e-mail. I await your assistance.

Thank you.

Oleg Chernavin
09/30/2003 07:35 am
Already got it. Thank you.