History of errors

09/15/2003 06:27 am
I have a problem using OE enterprise. I`m on a large project. All`s fine but some files are not retrieved because a 404 error. Files are indeed 404 even on a normal browser. I want to get a log of all non downloaded files by offline explorer, so that I know what`s missing in my project. Is there a way to do it?
Resuming the project with specifying not to redownload files already existing, tries to get the missing ones, but they disappear so fast from the threads window that I can`t catch their url
Oleg Chernavin
09/15/2003 07:44 am

You can do the following - set the Project to "Do not load existing files" in its Properties dialog, click OK, start the download and immediately hit F9 key to suspend downloading. Offline Explorer will go through all downloaded files and collet missing links. If you go to the Queue tab, you will be able to see all of them. But please wait until Parsing (XX) diappears in the Status Bar. Then you will be able to explore the information. You can also copy all URLs to the clipboard - right-click any URL, select "Select All", then right-click there again and select "Copy URL". Copy Referer helps you to see address of the page which contains the missing link.

You can also use Log Window (Ctrl-W) to log what goes on during the download and which errors occur on the Web server.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.
09/15/2003 02:28 pm
helps much
many thanks
Oleg Chernavin
09/16/2003 11:07 am
You are welcome!