Problem when download using ADSL

Spike Nguyen
09/08/2003 01:08 pm
When i download using dial-up modem, there isn`t prolem
but using ADSL, i can`t download all files

Examples : a website have 100files, when using ADSL, OE just download about 30files.
I don`t limit number retries, OE just retries to download 1 file 1 time, and then it ignored that file.

Please help me, thanks
Spike Nguyen
09/08/2003 01:22 pm
My OE version 2.7.1160, XP.
I think OE can`t retry to download one file more than one time ( if first time it connected to server, it download that files, but it can`t ... so it stop to download that files )

Just my ideas, please help, if not, i must use my dial-up modem to download websites, too slow, i just have prolem when using ADSL 2Mb/s.

I changed number retries, download speed, time out, delay, but all can`t solve my problem, it just happen when i switch dial to ADSL, no parameter change but ADSL missed many files to download..

????????? What happen to me, help help help !!!!!!!!!
Oleg Chernavin
09/09/2003 12:57 am

Can you please upgrade to the latest 2.9 version? We have fixed few bugs related to a simular problem since 2.7 version, so the upgrade should help.

Please keep me informed on how things go on.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.
Spike Nguyen
09/09/2003 10:09 pm
I downloaded newest OfflineExplorer 2.9 but it can`t solve my prolem when i download ( a large flash resource )
half files download result in OE is : download complete, 302 Object Moved,
This result isn`t happen when dial-up by modem, but.............with ADSL

Or maybe prolem, too heavy traffic.........i don`t known.........

Help me, please
Spike Nguyen
09/09/2003 10:12 pm
When i download other website ( not ), also result (302 Object Moved)
Oleg Chernavin
09/10/2003 06:14 am
Can you please tell me few examples of particular links that result in such status? In most cases this means that you need to change Project settings to enable loading more files (like from other direectories).