what is the difference between the .primary file and nomal downloaded file

09/02/2003 04:57 pm
I met one problem:
Download the file from the website
it likes http://www.sdtvol.com/filmtj/filmplayjs.asp?bianh=1250
then it will redirect to the
indeed it is the asf file. So after downloading this file, I stop the project,
the oe will keep the show?diz=tvcn/zhangdamin/8.asf&id=8361&leix=film.primary
changing it to the asf, it will be ok.
But if after oe finished the project. changing show?diz=tvcn/zhangdamin/8.asf&id=8361&leix=film.primary to the asf file, but it doesn`t
play well.
(So what is difference between .primary and nomal downloaded file)
(I have already set the no-translation option)
Oleg Chernavin
09/03/2003 12:41 am
With the "No Links Translation", there is no difference at all. But with other links translation modes, primary file is the original one, which was downloaded from Internet. The other copy of the file contains translated links.

Offline Explorer should not keep .primary files by default. However this happens sometimes. I will work to fix this in the nearest future.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.