Rm behind firewall with password?

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Macs 03/29/2006 07:00 am
It`s impossible to have .rm files if I`m behind a firewall with user and password
Settings of OEE don`t allow this.. missing feature or impossible one?
This question because I`ve modified a common tool used to save stream .asf file to work
behind a firewall(i.e. Proxy-Authorization: Basic ... ecc , ecc)... so I`m wondering if .rm streams works in differt ways and if this will be supported in future.

Oleg Chernavin 03/29/2006 07:00 am
The newest version (2.5 Service Release 1) supports HTTP Proxy for RTSP downloads now. Please try it. Another way is to try to use SOCKS proxy server, if you have one.

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Oleg Chernavin
MetaProducts corp.
Macs 03/29/2006 07:00 am
The problem is the authentication on the firewall... there is no option for RTSP
thank you anyway.

Oleg Chernavin 03/29/2006 07:00 am
Please try to see if you can use SOCKS proxy there. It should help. If not, let me know and I will try to do something here.