Invalid argument to date encode error message

11/19/2010 07:18 pm
A window with the following error message periodically pops up:
Invalid argument to date encode.

I do not know why it pops up, and any help will be greatly appreciated. I have Net Activity Diagram 2.5 installed on Windows XP Pro SP3.
11/22/2010 08:35 am

Thank you for writing us.
Do you have statistics storing to disk enabled?

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
11/22/2010 07:52 pm
Yes, it is enabled.

I tried to disable it, but that did not have any effect on the problem. I am still getting those error messages periodically. So, I enabled it again.
11/25/2010 06:46 am
Could you please help us to reproduce the problem? Is there any specific action to cause this error message?

11/25/2010 06:53 am
I do not know of any specific action that produces this error. For example, when I live my computer on, this error pops up. I need not be using a browser of email program, or any other application. At other times, it pops up when I am browsing the net, or reading email, or using skype. But I cannot find any pattern to it. It just pops up periodically, even when I am not doing anything on my pc.
02/29/2012 04:35 am
"Exception: Invalid argument to date encode
|Address |Module |Unit |Class |Procedure/Method |Line |
|007624C6|xStartUI.exe|FtpSend.pas |TFTPList |FillRecord |1758[69] |
|007629A6|xStartUI.exe|FtpSend.pas |TFTPList |ParseLines |1850[23] |
|0075FBAB|xStartUI.exe|FtpSend.pas |TFTPSend |List |1015[20] |
|00B4B39C|xStartUI.exe|FTPSyncComp.pas |TFtpFilesTree|ScanFtpDir |704[59] |
|00B4B154|xStartUI.exe|FTPSyncComp.pas |TFtpFilesTree|ScanFtpDir |645[0] |
|00B4B6E1|xStartUI.exe|FTPSyncComp.pas |TFtpFilesTree|ScanTree |800[16] |
|00B4B64C|xStartUI.exe|FTPSyncComp.pas |TFtpFilesTree|ScanTree |784[0] |
|00B4D817|xStartUI.exe|FTPSyncComp.pas |TFTPSyncComp |StartSync |1560[99] |
|00530C6A|xStartUI.exe| | |RealCall_Register |113[16] |
|00530C48|xStartUI.exe| | |RealCall_Register |97[0] |
|00531B45|xStartUI.exe| |TPSExec |InnerfuseCall |540[47] |
|0053335D|xStartUI.exe| |TPSExec |InnerfuseCall |709[216] |
|005315E0|xStartUI.exe| |TPSExec |InnerfuseCall |493[0] |
|0053392F|xStartUI.exe|uPSRuntime.pas | |ClassCallProcMethod|9442[39] |
|008B17FC|xStartUI.exe|uPSDebugger.pas |TPSDebugExec |RunLine |558[37] |
|0052C5B8|xStartUI.exe|uPSRuntime.pas |TPSExec |RunScript |7427[270]|
|0052BB54|xStartUI.exe|uPSRuntime.pas |TPSExec |RunScript |7157[0] |
|008B5C57|xStartUI.exe|uPSComponent.pas|TPSScript |Execute |681[8] |
|00B5BBEC|xStartUI.exe|TaskThread.pas |TTaskCompiler|Execute |508[12] |
|00B5BB84|xStartUI.exe|TaskThread.pas |TTaskCompiler|Execute |496[0] |
|00B5C65A|xStartUI.exe|TaskThread.pas |TTaskThread |Execute |707[28] |

could U please tell me what is the reason behind this