Locking the monitoring to one removable connection

04/23/2010 07:00 pm
Hi Guys,

I have been playing with NAD for a hour or so and I think I am missing a critical setting when choosing which network device to monitor!

I want to use NAD to monitor only the Downloads/Uploads of my Wireless Broadband usb modem on my laptop (so I can keep an eye on my quota) and it does that wonderfully once the modem is plugged in and connected. However as soon as I unplug the modem and use Wifi the counter continues and bypasses my choice of the USB modem only (as it can no longer see it) and reselects 'all network devices' in settings.

I thought once I had enabled the USB modem as the only network device to monitor, NAD would then hide itself (hide at idle setting) until the modem was in use once more.

Is the software capable of the what I am asking? And if so what do I need to do differently?

Also for future versions can you also include a selectable day counter until reset (i.e. 30 days) so that it is better suited to cover Pre-paid wireless plans?

Cheers Harvey
04/29/2010 06:42 am
Harvey, please excuse me for the delay.

Unfortunately, NAD doesn't contain the feature you ask. We added it to the development list.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff