01/24/2009 06:51 pm
I stopped using your software about six months ago when without reason it started to crash my computer. It was always the same blue screen: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x000000... tcpip.sys. At the beginning I didn''t know was was causing it, happened randomly when the PC was idle as well as when it was downloading via P2P. I tried reinstalling the OS and downloading the last service pack many times but nothing would work. In the end I realized it was NAD that was causing it (closed it and no more BSOD) and since I already had the latest version and had searched every website with information regarding this issue without luck, I decided to drop using it.
A month ago I bought a new computer and was very happy to be able to have NAD back, but after 15 minutes of installing it... BSOD!
A few days ago I downloaded the latest build available (2.5.336 SR1) and I''m happy to report that my machine has been running flawlessly ever since even with the Smart Filtering System Enabled.
Send my congratulations to the developer!
01/25/2009 03:37 am
Thank you!
Yes, this problem seems to be fixed in the latest build.

02/26/2009 03:44 am

Thank you for your report.
Please switch your NAD to the Standard Filtering engine for a while. I forwarded your message to the NAD developer, hope he will be able to reproduce and fix the problem.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
02/27/2009 03:30 am

Could you please send us crash dumps? You may send them by email to with a short description of the problem or upload to and post the link here.
Thank you for your help!