Mayor rebooting problem

05/06/2008 03:50 pm
A few days ago I updated NAD to 2.5.361 and I immediately started having apparently random reboots.

No error message of any kind, just a beep, the computer freezes and a second later the screen goes black and then the bios boot up process.

It appears to be random as it can happen twice within 20 minutes and then not happen again for several hours.

Uninstalling NAD 2.5.361 makes the problem go away.

I will stick to faithful NAD 2.4.335 until you resolve the issue.

Thanks a lot for you effort in this very practical tool.

05/07/2008 06:12 am

Thank you for writing us.
Could you please tell me your Windows version? Do you have any firewall installed?

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
05/09/2008 03:55 pm
Windows XP pro SP2
Zonealarm pro 7.0.462.000

Hope it helps,

05/31/2008 02:04 pm
I have been doing some testing and it seems it might have something to do with NAD having to control many connections while using a P2P program, e-mule in my case.

It took me a while to find out as I only use it every once in a while and for a short time. I found that with NAD 2.4.335 it also happens but it takes several hours for the computer to freeze. The number of hours depends on the number of files downloading; the more files downloading the faster it happens. The upload connections are always the same. Just in case is important, with NAD 2.4.335 the computer only freezes, forcing me to manually reboot.

With NAD 2.5.361 it happens much faster, almost always within one hour and the computer, freezes for one second and immediately reboots by itself.

In both cases, if I check the amount of memory NAD is using, I see that it keeps growing. In the case of NAD 2.5.361 it always happens, without exception, leading to the reboot. With NAD 2.4.335, it not always happens. Sometimes the amount of memory it uses grows after starting e-mule but them stabilizes and there is no freezing. But this happens only sometimes, in most cases it does eat up memory until the freeze up.

Hope it helps you fine tune this great tool.

06/01/2008 03:52 am

Thank you for your so detailed report.
I forwarded it to the NAD developer.
I hope he will be able to fix the problem shortly.

Thank you for your help,