Polish localization of NAD

Janusz Grzybek
05/01/2008 03:24 pm
My name is Janusz Grzybek, and I Am author Polish localization for NAD (sent to MetaProducts on August or September of previous year). Several days ago I downloaded Trial version of new NAD release (v.2.5) and I found my Polish language file included to setup, but unfortunately I can’t to find on your website (language page) any information about Polish language support, and probably people in Poland think NAD still not supports polish language. I can’t find also any information about adding Polish UI in your development history (changelog) site, while on this site are information about other languages, for example Italian, Portuguese etc. What do you think about adding this information on your website? It seems to me that it could improve interest NAD in Poland.
Best regards,
Janusz Grzybek
05/04/2008 07:18 am
Janusz Grzybek,

Thank you for writing us.
Please excuse us for this omission.
It is fixed, you can see the Polish translation in the list of supported languages? We also added the corresponding record to the product history page.

Thank you for your help,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff