2000 Server problem copying large files

07/14/2005 01:46 pm
Hello. I noticed a problem with NAD 2.3 demo when copying a large 10gb file to my Windows 2000 Server from an XP machine. It would get so far and then be very very slow. The problem went away after exiting NAD. Is there any way of making NAD not so intrusive (nadim.sys)? I really like how PC Magazine`s NetPerSec doesn`t seem to need anything installed whatsoever. Thanks.

07/15/2005 03:44 am
Dear Gabe,

Thank you for writing us.
Please do the following:
1. Go to the Net Activity Diagram`s Settings dialog (right-click its tray icon - Settings)
2. At the Statistics page please select the "Standard" statistics engine
3. Click the OK button
Then please test the copying speed and write us about the result. This should fix the problem.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff