Saving NAD log

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Richard Haendel 06/15/2005 04:51 pm
Is it possible to print, save, or export the information that NAD accumulates (usage and speed statistics)? I`ve looked all through the current version (2.2 something) and cannot find any reference to this at all.

Alexander 06/16/2005 04:08 am
Dear Richard Haendel,

Thank you for writing us.
We plan to add the export feature to the future version of Net Activity Diagram.
It is in plans for 2.5 version.
The current version cannot export statistics, sorry.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
Richard Haendel 06/21/2005 02:08 am

Aany time frame for NAD 2.5?

Alexander 06/21/2005 02:48 am

We plan to release NAD 2.4 before the end of Summer. The next 2.5 version is planned for the beginning of November.