Smart Filtering System & GPRS modem

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OkhsuS 03/20/2005 05:46 pm
Smart Filtering System seems doesn`t define GPRS modem (may be modem at all) as object of traffic. At least it reports an error if all other network adapters are disabled during NAD startup. And while SFS is active it doesn`t show any traffic as well as Active connections...

Is there any errors ? : )
Alexander 03/21/2005 11:24 am
Dear OkhsuS,

Thank you for writing us.
Do you have any firewall application installed? Any other network tools?

| Alexander Bednyakov
| MetaProducts Corporation
OkhsuS 03/22/2005 07:39 am
Windows firewall (by SP2) replaced by Notron Antivirus firewall.
GPRS wizard that creates TCP/IP connection and stays active during session.

Some more.
Standart Statistic engine works fine. Just switched to SFS it becomes dumb.
Also there is no GPRS modem in [Filtering]-Network adapter list in both cases (Standart / SFS).
Maybe it`s my problem.
Thank you anyway.
Alexander 03/23/2005 04:02 am

The modem should be presented as "Remote NDIS Access WAN Driver" (Windows uses this name) in Filtering | Network adapters list. If you do not have it there, this means that your computer uses the special network configuration possible created by Norton firewall. We are testing this now.

OkhsuS 03/23/2005 04:41 pm
Thank you for attention.
Glad to deal with you.
OkhsuS 03/23/2005 04:49 pm
Personal regards from CCCP : )