Active Connection Menu is grey

orang kuat
03/01/2005 04:44 am

I am currently testing NAD on my LAN. When I install NAD on XP the Active Connection menu can be used, but when I install on my NT 4.0 Server, the menu is greyed. Why?
I also cannot use Smart Filtering System in Statistics Tab on my NT 4.0 Server, every time I try to change from Standard to Smart Filtering, I got " Error, cannot switch to selected mode (#13G)" error message.

Please Help.

03/01/2005 07:58 am
Orang Kuat,

Thank you for writing us.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to use the Smart Filtering System statistics engine because of some restrictions on NDIS drivers under Windows NT 4.0. This also makes unavailable to use the Active Connections feature.
Only the Standard statistics engine is available under Windows NT 4.0.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff