Traffic Filters not working properly // Statistics

04/25/2004 08:35 pm
Hello. You are working out a very nice piece of software.
I`ve been testing it and noticed that the traffic filters are not working properly; on my cable modem ethernet connection i configured 4 filters: tcp, udp, icmp, arp; I know that all my traffic falls in this four categories; i left the filter running for some hours, then i checked the statistics windows, and found that the total displayed both in Input and Output was much greater than the sum of the quantities captured by each filter. Besides, I don`t really know what the quantities given by the filters are (may be the sum of input and output??? it would be nice to have the input and output separated!)

Regarding the statistics functions, i notice the app. lacks the functionality of erasing old data; i suggest letting the user select a given date & time and offer a button to erase all previous data.

It would be nice for cable modem "volume capped" users like me to see the data in spreadsheet form, with each row being a day, and two columns, input and output traffic for the day. Then the last row of the spreadsheet might be the corresponding totals for the period.

I hope my suggestions will be helpful to you.

Please let me know when you release a new beta.

Thanks for your nice work.
04/26/2004 03:52 am
Dear Ariel,

Thank you for your kind words.
We will check the situation you described and fix the possible problem.
Also, you can find the detailed information (In, Out) for each filter by selecting this filter name in left-hand panel.

Thank you very much for your suggestions. We have some similar plans in our Development File but it is important for us to hear such requests from you.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff