Bug in "Notifications"

03/31/2004 07:16 am
Add one notification.
Set notify using Ejecute program and unchecked "Notify Once".
Then the program will be executed infinite times, because el time-counter (period field) it has not been reset.

03/31/2004 07:20 am
Dear Jen,

Thank you for your report.
We will fix this problem in NAD 2.0 release.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff
04/01/2004 01:48 am
BTW, Jen: did it confirm the unchecking of "Notify once" option?

04/01/2004 05:21 am

The problem is that I want to make that every time that the download is less than 150 KB / 3 min (one example), a program is executed.
If the option "Notify once" is activated. Only the first time will be made.
And if the "Notify once" are not activated, the time passed, to the 3 min... The program will be executed. But, infinite times (infinite loop).
The cause... the counter of remaining time (condition: "LESS than... DURING" for example) not is restored to initial value (180 sec).

PD: Sorry for my English.
04/01/2004 07:17 am
Dear Jen,

Thank you, I see.
We will fix the problem.