Statistics - How to interpret

Guenter Samwald
01/23/2004 08:00 pm

I looked into the generated Stats files on my harddisk and found following four lines

Status; Time; Received; Sent
Start; 01.23.2004 20:40:28:734; 23365446; 3530020
Stop; 01.23.2004 20:41:30:156; 23368568; 3531012
Stop; 01.23.2004 20:41:41:390; 23368568; 3531066

First Line is clear but the second, third and fourth Line are not clear.

I think the interpretation is that the program was started the first time at 20:40:28 and was stopped approximatly one minute later. If I subtract the Received Bytes(from first Data Line) from the received Bytes (from second data line) I will get the downloaded bytes in this Time... Is this correct?

Another question is: Why do I get at Progammstart 23365446 Received and 3530020 sent?

01/26/2004 03:18 am
Dear Guenter Samwald,

Thank you for writing us.
The values in Start line is the initial Windows counter values. NAD reads them from the system and writes to the Diagram`s Start statistics record. The doubled Stop line is the error.
We plan to release NAD 2.0 Beta 1 soon, this problem will be fixed in this new version.

Best regards,
Alexander Bednyakov
MP Staff

Gunter Samwald
01/26/2004 03:29 am
So I must take the differences between Start and Stop?
01/26/2004 05:02 am
Yes. It is the number of bytes transferred.