Metatree VCL update

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Greg R 12/11/2008 03:37 pm
Are there any plans for an upgrade of the metatree vcl? Is there a list of new or improved features?

Greg R
Oleg Chernavin 12/11/2008 05:49 pm
So far we do not have plans or suggestions from our customers. We made a custom development to read data from database, but it was quite special. Anyway, if it will be necessary, we can do this on request.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Robert Smith 10/14/2009 11:00 am
I would like at least to have packages compatible with later versions of Delphi (ie Delphi 2010). Can you provide me with new package files?
Oleg Chernavin 10/15/2009 03:20 am
Yes, we plan to do this in a week or so.

Serg 11/12/2009 04:25 pm
You have MetaTree for d2007-d2010 ?
Oleg Chernavin 11/20/2009 05:06 am
Yes, we updated MetaTree component to support Delphi 2007, 2009 and 2010.

Robert Smith 11/20/2009 07:14 am
Can you send instructions on how to download the new registered version?
Oleg Chernavin 11/20/2009 09:29 am
Can you please contact our support at ? They will send you the updated files.

Thank you!

Robert Smith 11/20/2009 09:47 am
Will do! Thanks!
Serg 11/20/2009 11:47 am
where i can download demo metatree for d2007?
Oleg Chernavin 11/23/2009 02:51 am
Sorry, we cannot yet provide it. You can use the compiled .exe demo to see the features of the component.